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    Today's funniest videos compilation || funny videos compilation

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    1. Me trying to flirt
    2. Raptor is Mr steal yo Girl!!
    3. Jackson f*cked up...
    4. Best homecoming proposal
    5. When your ex tries to talk to you
    6. When you miss the right hole "get that sh!t out"
    7. At least she tried
    8. Worldstar Australia!!!!!
    9. The hardest baby I ever encountered
    10. just a cat giving a presidential speech on ebola...
    11. How to get away with copping a feel
    12. YASS BETCH YASS!!!
    13. When you see someone hug bae
    14. Shouldn't be so damn bad!
    15. Misunderstood
    16. When you're playing a fighting game for the first time with your friend
    17. Me the entire month of October
    18. When you realise you've had one too many..
    19. The first guy to buy an iPhone 6 in Australia, drops it in excitement
    20. When someone steals your high five...
    21. What what
    22. How to scare your mom
    23. Dunk of the year
    24. When your phone's battery hits 1%
    25. Bobby Shmurda's Cat when he get he food
    26. Asian guy loses it
    27. When Bae finally texts back
    28. Ice Bucket Challenge gone wrong
    29. He wasn't ready! LMAO!
    30. He switched the water from cold to hot
    31. when I almost killed myself with this bucket...
    32. You missed!
    33. ALS Challenge gone wrong!!! My body hurts so bad
    34. Do you even lift, bro?
    35. When you're sad and your favorite song comes on
    36. Trying to impress my crush
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