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    вторник, 24 януари 2017 г.

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    Today's funniest videos number one source for funny fails and hilarious videos.
    1. When the drugs kick in
    2. When the stove is lit and the grease is poppin
    3. A grown man freaks out about touching a TEDDY BEAR!!
    4. Waterbed
    5. He wiggles his lil goggles off
    6. When she says she only dates country boys
    7. You snooze you lose
    8. When you're bored but bae is sleeping
    9. Get those lights off!
    10. Yep, this turtle just dabbed
    11. This baby fake sleeping is the cutest thing ever
    12. The most dramatic sneeze ever..
    13. When your nuggets are on point
    14. Never in my life have I seen someone get finessed this bad
    15. That dog looked like he was bout to beat his a$$..

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