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    неделя, 18 декември 2016 г.

    Instant Karma Fails: It's Payback Time (December 2016) || FailArmy

    Few things are more satisfying than instant karma.

    Original Links:
    Girl's Ice Cream Falls while Trying to Intimidate Chicken https://goo.gl/ipw0QW
    Cat Avenges Puppy's Honor https://goo.gl/oj8SEm
    Baby Slaps Aunt for Snapchat Faux Pas https://goo.gl/yJUIGi
    Guys Kick Can on Fire https://goo.gl/ANRp7u
    Speeding Car Gets Caught by Police https://goo.gl/RoN8eF
    Fresh Catch Causes Kayak to Capsize https://goo.gl/iSvn8F
    Office Scare Prank Goes Wrong https://goo.gl/xWTn2i
    Fitness Ropes Hit Guy in Head https://goo.gl/D927Ez
    Guy Crashes into Tree after Slapping Friend's Butt https://goo.gl/v4bYLX
    Beach Bar Champagne Slip https://goo.gl/XQKGmG
    Girl in Trash Bag Scares Mom https://goo.gl/6VzE2B
    Guy Accidentally Kicks Ball into His Own Nuts https://goo.gl/KY7omq
    Car Hits Debris https://goo.gl/r4pZaZ
    Aunt Gets Beat Up When She Attempts to Scare Nephew https://goo.gl/CnNzcu
    Thief Falls after Stealing Flag from Porch https://goo.gl/vVYVM9
    GoKart Driver Gets Slammed after Cutting Off Other Driver https://goo.gl/AkiYe8
    Kid Hits Himself in Eye with Tennis Ball https://goo.gl/PcroY8
    Guy Falls off Bike after Throwing Snowball https://goo.gl/2BUF8N
    Fresh Catch Causes Kayak to Capsize https://goo.gl/iSvn8F
    Tree Takes Out Tree Cutter https://goo.gl/YwKYm3
    Ball Hits Teacher in Face https://goo.gl/t843Su
    Man Taunts Goose and Gets Chased https://goo.gl/db7SlB
    Driver with Road Rage Gets Instant Karma https://goo.gl/ACpWZf
    Acorns Fall on DAd https://goo.gl/qiUp9I
    Crab Latches onto Girl https://goo.gl/dc5PG4
    Guy Accidentally Shoots Self in Face with Roman Candle https://goo.gl/6iT0MX
    Dog Buries Little Girl for Revenge https://goo.gl/qFpntt

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